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Is Scribus being still developed?

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as a newbie, I wonder if Scribus is being still developed or not, as I see that the last released update is about one year old.
Ciao, Andrea

yes, it is.

why are you asking?

i think the reason they are asking is that there is no development news on the main scribus page for more than a year.

well, the website is indeed almost dead...

but if you read this same forum, the bug tracker or the svn/git commit you will notice that it's not dead yet : - )

Well you could have fooled me....

The patch for global search and replace has been sitting waiting to be merged since May last year

Until that feature is implemented, together with Paste with Style, Scribus is hopeless as a proof editor, even if it is quite good as an authoring tool.

Case in point: an author wants me to edit a 500 page book which has a number of foreign terms sprinkled through the text. They need to be converted to italics. Scribus has this extraordinarily multi-featured Search and Replace ... which only works in one text frame. Good Grief!

Paste with Style is a fundamental feature of working with text. In the forum (ages ago) the excuse was it's so hard to implement cross platform because of the different clipboard formats. Other open source cross platform apps have implemented it (LibreOffice, LiveCode ...) Even more grief!

While I'm at it, it looks like XML-RPC was about to implemented - a google search indicated there were scripts developed, but the links on that page are now broken. An ability to use an external editor via XML-RPC might turn Scribus into a useable tool. Has it been implemented? Who knows? It seems impossible to find out from the home  web site, which is seriously in need off maintenance.


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