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I'm making a school magazine in scribus, and we've been inserting end marks at the end of every article (https://www.fonts.com/content/learning/fontology/level-4/fine-typography/end-marks). We've always been doing this by hand but as a result, it doesn't always look symetrical (whether it's a few pixels further from the last letter or a bit higher).

The only way that I could think of is maybe making a new font, but that seems a bit excessive honestly. I currently have it as a grouping of a black rectangle and a "t" from our logo.

Is there by any chance a way to do this automaticaly? Or atleast make it look better?



yes you can:

- create an end mark
- put it in the scrapbook
- when you need an end mark, pull it from the scrapbook
- edit > cut
- enter the edit mode of the text frame where you need it
- paste

you now have an inline item that behaves like a character.

(i'm not sure that this works with scribus 1.4,  though)

btw, creating a true type font is probably also a good option. nowadays there are simple and free font editors...