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How To Increase PDF Font Size By Making The Margins Smaller

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1) There is a red lined square on the file LVL2.

As you see this part got bigger on the file LVL3.

How can I do that on a PDF?

2) I also cropped and saved those red lined squares as JPEG files.

How can I import those and make a pdf like I want and put page numbers?

Are you asking how to Draw a RED Square, increase margins and add automatic page numbering?

I think the question is about impositioning, i.e. cropping and scaling a PDF.

Most impositioning tools can manage that, I would suggest jPDFtweak.

Though I am not sure if it can add the page numbers...

If you want a more manual approach you could of course split the PDF into one cropped PDF per page, and import those pages manually into image frames in Scribus.

Or write a script for it.

My question is about scaling.

Can I scale the pdf with Scribus or any software you suggest?

(So I don't want to deal with that cropping, converting, pasting one by one.)


I repeat:

--- Quote from: Nermander on July 12, 2020, 04:44:11 pm ---Most impositioning tools can manage that, I would suggest jPDFtweak.

--- End quote ---


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