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1.5.5 Why can I not select X1a as a PDF Export option?


John Yackel:
I'm using version 1.5.5 

I need to have my file be PDF/X-1 complaint.

But in the PDF Export all the X options are faded out and not usable.

Can someone tell me why and/or what to do?

Hi John, are all of your images CMYK and above 300dpi?  This is just a first guess on my part without having the file and associated pics to look at, I could be wrong...



no, pdf versions are not just magic numbers.

hi yackel

each version has its specific characteristics and might have some specific constraints.

for the X versions, i'm pretty sure that you need to use the color management.

you can see this as a task to check (just activate it) or as a step that makes sure that the pdf has the quality you're aiming to.


(the color management gets activated in the document setup...)

John Yackel:
Thank you both!

Hitting the 'Toggle Color Management System' made the option come up.

Thank you, guys, for asking and answering this question! I was having the same problem and couldn't figure out what had gone wrong.


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