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hi teamttl

> version 1.5.5 and it changed how the paragraph styles were displayed with version 1.4.8

i don't think there is such  change in scribus.

the problem with the non programmer folks is that when they have an issue they always think the mean programmers sneaked something in to make their life worse.
or they think that programmers are a special folks with incredible intelligence. spoiler: they are not.

you have been told a few times now, that what experience is probably a limitation in the pdf file format and in the pdf viewers.
there is probably little that scribus can do for you.
what you are describing as solutions are hacks that will probably make life miserable for most of the readers of your pdfs (why should a pdf go full screen?)

but if you're really sure that scribus should be able to do that,  you were asked to a look at that 1000 pages thick document produced by adobe that says what pdf can do and what it can't (don't worry, you don't have to read it all. it has a table of contents!)
that's no programmers stuff. just a text specification on what a pdf can do. you don't even have to learn about the exact parameters. just find out in the text where it says that a given chapter talks about how to control the viewing layout. and give us the page / chapter to check and implement!

have a safe weekend!


Rude and irrelevant:  says there is a "problem" with people who are not programmers and does not discuss the issues as if only purpose is to criticise Scribus users who are not programmers.

Your response sadly suggests that some folk, like yourself, claim to be "programmers" but probably do not use Scribus to write anything or to publish anything. Folk, like us, who are not programmers do - because they may not have a budget to pay for software on the market. And when they describe their experiences to get support, they receive responses like yours.

PS: Programming is about applying a logical language. If we had the time from teaching and working in the community, we'd learn to do programming. OK?


PDF format describes only individual page layout. The settings available in the Viewer tab of PDF export dialog provides indications to the PDF viewer how PDF viewer should layout the individual pages. However the viewer settings are just indications. If in my Acrobat DC display settings I specify I want PDF to be presented as single pages, it will be presented using single page layout no matter what. The layout of individual pages in PDF viewer is indeed the full PDF viewer responsibility. And as far as I can tell, the Facing page left/Facing page right settings works when using Acrobat DC as viewer.


dear teamttl

i do use scribus to publish.
not all the time but often enough.
and i happen to be a programmer.
i even have a plugin written by myself that nobody else uses.
(it will probably be in scribus as soon scribus "will be ready" for it)

so what?

now get ready for some digressions.

personally, i tend to see this sentence of yours

QuoteWhen it doesn't seem to function as it is supposed to though, may be nerve-racking for non-programmer folk.

as rude.
i see this as passive aggressive talk against programmers.

you're free to think it.
but it might not be the best attitude, when you're expecting some help from programmers (and the other people who make scribus without programming).

and, no, the world is not split into programmers and non programmers. it's you who has put yourself in the category of the non-programmers.

now, back to the main stuff. you've been told several times by multiple people (programmers and non programmers united) that you're wrong.
you got explanations on how the things do work.
i've even told you where to get the information to know if you're indeed wrong or we all are wrong.
but you don't seem to be much concerned by facts.

(intermezzo: a bit of logical thinking for you: we cannot prove you, that you're wrong, since we cannot demonstrate that something is not in the pdf specifications. but you can prove us wrong, if you find the thing we insist does not exist).

and still, you keep your bossy attitude and expect us to be thankful to you because you're poor enough to use scribus.
(oooops: "because they may not have a budget to pay for software on the market" is rather rude... if you did not notice)

please reconsider your attitude in this forum.

end of rant.

ciao & enjoy your weekend

p.s.: you might have missed the fact that PDF is not just some random computer thing but is an ISO standard  that has been originally created by Adobe some 30 years ago. you can freely download and read some of the versions. PDF creators (like scribus) and readers (like evince) cannot do what they want and expect it to work. thankfully.
and, no, the pdf standard is not code. it just happens to be as easy to digest as a phone book (for those people who still know what is a phone book...) but it's not code. it's non discriminatory and just as boring for those who can program and those who cannot.


Quote from: TeamTTL on July 11, 2020, 10:51:45 AM
But in the DOUBLE PAGE VIEW of the adobe settings, the same pdf document looked like this:

You may not be realising that you are giving the answer here yourself. The key is the word "view".

The PDF contains a sequence of pages, how those pages are displayed on the screen is governed by the PDF viewer.

The PDF can ask the PDF viewer to shown the pages in a certain way, but the viewer can always override this.