Is it possible to use text flow on text attached to paths?

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I have text that I have attached to a path on one layer. I want to set some more text on a layer above this, and use the text flow settings to cause the text attached to the path on the layer below to flow around it. Is this possible, or is it something that will have to be done manually? (I suspect this can't be done after doing some experiments, but I thought I'd ask here in case I'm missing something.)


duplicate image from layer one onto layer 2 and turn it transparent then text flow around that


i did not understand exactly what you want to achieve, but having linked text to path seems to be an "interesting" use case...

i have a hard time thinking a design where this would make sense... but i would be curious to see what you are trying to achieve...

anyway, no, i don't think that you can do it in scribus. (attaching to path is disabled if the text frame is in a chain)


Thanks both for the reply. I don't think I explained very well what I'm trying.

I've attached an image, a concrete poem by Jean-Francois Bory. I'm attempting to do something similar with Scribus - being able to control the flow of text on lower layers would be a useful tool. The issue is whether placing text on a path (mimic the curves in this image) makes that setting non-useable?

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ok i got it wrong...

still, i think i would have a look at what inkscape can do and would focus on how letters can shrink, bend, and so on... without aiming at automatic interactions between the items.

processing (or shoebot) might also worth to be considered.

finally, i made a short test and, indeed, text on path does not "flow" but text on path already has so many parameters to take into consideration, that i'm not sure how good are the chances to get a nice result, when letters on a path move around because of of "conflicting shapes...
i'm not sure it's worth a feature request...


Thanks for confirming - it's as I suspected then. Okay, I'll have a check of those other options and see which might be suitable.

Thanks for your time, both