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Hello every body,

I didn't find an answer to my problem so I ask in a new post.
Please, be indulgent, I'm French and I need to improve my english !

I'm on Scribus 1.5 and I wonder if it is not a bug. It's the first time that is arrived or I "always" work like that (I'm working with scribus since few month).

I have a group of object in my album. When I click on it, it appears on the page uppert or like "free object".

I don't know if I do something wrong or if it's a bug ?

Thanks in advance :)


hi nairo

first: if you're using 1.5, i hop that you're using 1.5.5 (or newer).

then, i guess that the album is the "scrapbook" (it's called album in french, iirc)

i just tried:
- i can click on the objects in the scrapbook and nothing happens.
- if i drag and drop into the page, they get placed at the place where i release the mouse button.
- if i double click on them, they get placed at the place where they originally were when i've added them to the scrapbook.

nothing strange here.
the final question: what do you mean by "page upppert" and "free object"?



Hello a.l.e,

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I'm using 1.5.5.

You're right, it's the scrapbook.

Well, when I double click on the object in the album (I didn't know I can drag and drop) to put it on the page 3 for example, the object is placed on the page 2
or somewhere on the document (not on a page) : that is what I call "free objects" ("objets libres" in french).

I tried to place it on another page, it is the same (for exemple, I want to put it on page 5, it is placed on page 4, etc.).

Retrospectively, I think it is placed like free objects when I want to put it on page 1 or last page.

I have a monthly work so I save my previous document with a new name and I change the few elements I need to change.

That is the first time I have this problem and I don't understand why.


i would guess that the items where not on the page when you have added to the scrapbook.

try to place the scrapbook item on the page, delete  the original scrapbook item and add the item on the page to the scrapbook...


I did it already but I will retry, and I'll try to get it on the page to send it in the scrapbook.

These objects have bleed, so it's possible indeed.

Maybe I'll create a new document. I don't know if the multiple "save as" may have distorted the document.

Thank you for your help  :D