preserving page links across multiple .pdf files merged together

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i have a number of .pdf files that reference pages in other .pdf files.  i have the ultimate return page accurately identified in each of the separate .pdf files.  when i merge them together (using one of several linux merge tools) the linked page numbers are different than originally set in scribus (.pdf annotation).  is there any way of maintaining link i.d. across several merged .pdf files?
i am using scribus 1.5.5
the assembled document is too large to combine everything in a single .sla file



As you were!  I found a workaround.

1.  merge all the separate scribus-generated .pdf files into one humongous (30 Mbyte) .pdf file using PDFSam basic (free)
2.  open that large .pdf file in scribus (10+ minutes to load on a relatively new linux box with 16 G of RAM)  Used Scribus 1.5.6 svn
3.  once scribus loads, recreate all the links (one "return to index" link per page, 100+ pages, plus others) and save the resultant .sla file and also regenerate a new big .pdf (now over 63MBytes). 

Works as expected.  Now I need to find a way to reduce the size of the final .pdf.  i'll check the

If there are any ideas on how to streamline this let me know.  I also found a few sources for .pdf editing software that allows you to add links to the .pdf, but none that were linux-based.