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Wrapping text around vector images


In times past I created images in WMF format.  (SVG is my choice now) Anyway, I have a bunch of old WMF images that Ive imported into a Scribus file. However Scribus has greyed out the 'shape' property and refuses to wrap text around my pictures.

Is there a way to do this?

if the svg is a group of shapes it should work...

... and seems to be working here...

you can always put a transparent frame around your pictures and wrap text around that frame

I may have mixed a pixel shape with vector parts.  Just trying to remember.

just make sure that:

- your svg is grouped (you can only wrap around one single item (at a time).. so the shapes composing an svg should be grouped; if you did not ungroup it, then it will be grouped!)
- you use the "shape" button in the group section of the palette


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