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Adding space for the binding is done outside the page.

Usually, when doing a normal "sewn" binding, the space needed is just what is needed for the creep, 1-2 mm.

If you are looking for spiral binding or perfect binding, you will of course need to add more space. But that is outside the page, so it is added only when printing or impositioning the sheets.

Would you have the measurements for an A4 size booklet for children?
Not sure now whether the measurements I used are suitable.
Couldn't find any wiki entries on reasons for the Preset Layout measurements of Scribus, so had to start with something that made sense at the time: measurements given towards the middle of the page here -  And, didn't see "creep" mentioned. What is it exactly?
Thank you  :) .

This pages contains a brief explanation.

This may illustrate it better

Thanks, that'll come handy when preparing a mediaeval manuscript. At the moment trying to export about 30 pages from Scribus to pdf. My right pages became left pages when converted to pdf  :'(! But, if I add another page before page 1, then master pages get switched from left to right and right to left.  :(  Is there a way of fixing master pages if and when a new page is added somewhere before the very end?


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