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Howdy everyone

I've just returned to Scribus after a long (ten+ year) absence and I have to say I'm loving all the changes so far. Except... tables.

After realising tables in 1.4.x were just grouped text frames I decided to upgrade to 1.5.5 (running on Win10), which is much better, but I'm having trouble with formatting, especially cell outlines.

As far as I can tell, if I want to change the stroke width, colour or style of a cell's outline I have to do each cell individually - I can't just highlight a bunch of cells and change them en masse. Same with the cell background colour. It all seems a bit time-consuming, especially as I'm currently using it to pageset a TTRPG rulebook, with lots (and lots, and lots) of tables.

Is it possible to bulk modify the cell outlines and/or background colours at all? Has anyone discovered a way to do this easily?

Thanks in advance.



hi naomi

wellcome back to scribus.

indeed lot of things have improved but table are still not really usable.

they have improved. twice. now the infrastructure is there to make them usable.
but there is work missing to make them comfortable to use.

for now, the best way to get table into a scribus is still to create them with libreoffice (or any tool that can create PDFs or SVGs).
what has changed: now you can include them as vectors (but the text will be outlined).
slightly better than having big images.

we probably need an external contributor taking a considerable amount of time to work on tables if we want to see them progress...


Line Styles ist a good workaround while waiting for more flexible and efficient table layout mechanism:

Just create different styles (head, odd, even, plain, focus,... you name it), and apply to all needed 'cell' frames without changing anything else to its line.

Updating the table layout is then add simple as updating the style: once.
Re-alining the cells (if you use bigger lines) it's simple enough with the 'align' toolbox too.

But still: better table support would be nice :-)


Your reply makes it sound easy. And, there is a Scribus template that includes a table: And, in the Style Manager of the template I can see the entries for "Table elements", "Table column titles" and "Table row titles". How do these work in practice? I'm trying to make a Scribus table. Read your reply several times but couldn't make a Scribus table!