Hyphenate text in multiple linked text frames

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I am using Scribus 1.5.5 and I can't find the way to hyphenate text in the whole document at once where there are many text frames with a linked text chain.

In Scribus 1.4.6 I used to simply select all (Ctrl+A) and Extras>Hyphenate text and it would apply hyphenation to everything. In 1.5.5 it only hyphenates what I manually select in the current text frame.

Thank you.


i guess  that if you want to hyphenate all the text, you could try to

- correctly setup the language in your styles
- enable the hyphenation while typing
- then import your text / type it

if you already have all the text in (and activating the setup above does not re-hyphenate everything), you can get a script that hyphenates all text frames (if it does not exist, you can take the one that exports all text and tweak it)



Hi a.l.e,
thanks for your advice. It turns out that the problem is not in hyphenation not being applied across the whole document. I tested in a new document copy-pasting a different text, and a different language, and it worked fine. But for my original document in German I have not found the solution yet. So many variables that may be going wrong.