Changing the 'Default Style'

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John Yackel

To save time during my layout, I want to change the 'Defaul Style' font to something other than Arial 12 pt. (I'm using Philosopher 13 pt.).

I'm using Scribus 1.5.5

I have used Edit --> Styles --> Default Character Style to change Arial to Philosopher, and seen the change register in Default Paragraph Style

I hit Apply, and then close out the box.

But it keeps changing back to Arial 12 pt. on its own.

How the %#(*^ do I stop that from happening?


I find that once I am typing in the desired font then stop or click out ogf the text box and get back in to finish typing I have to start one character in on last word, retype that last letter and then continue in the desired font (hope that makes since) one brown this is example n (then delete last letter)