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I'm working on some high end templates for Scribus that help showcase the full potential of Scribus and to help inspire and encourage more people to use it. I like how Wix and Envato make their templates fully realised, such that it gives people a good vision of what they can create, and show case what their tools can do.

How do I go about getting Scribus to accept more (and better) templates?
Attached is just and hour or two of mucking around. (I'm new to Scribus. I normally use Affinity Publisher and InDesign)

It would also be great to see Scribus have a website that looks awesome like Affinity Publisher
I'm guessing they're relying on plain html and not a paid platform to minimise expenses.

There used to be a site for user contributed templates and things like that. I never used it so I don't remember the name.

do you mean something like ?
contributions are very welcome!
(and one day it might become the official scribus site... who knows?)

i think that the user contributed templates page has disappeared, a new one has been created by someone else, but i don't think it was ever successful.

personally, i'd prefer to provide sample documents, rather than templates...
and i would be more than happy to host your sample documents!

Ahhh thanks! So is your website?
Nice... it's better than Scribus already.
When was it worked on last? You open to improving it further or anything?

I'd be happy to provide "sample designed document" once I've completed a few Scribus projects. :D

a.l.e: has been setup by myself.

the concept and visual appearance has been created in this forum by a few contributors:,2282.0.html

the result has been proposed to the scribus team through this ticket:

but there was no feedback.

after some time i decided to put it online, so that the team might see how it looks when in it's up and running.

i've been trying to keep it active, but i was a bit lonely. if other people join i'm willing to put more effort in keeping it up to date and lively. : - )


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