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DLL problem with 1.5.5 install Windows 7

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I have installed Scribus 1.5.5.
First it wouldn't run because of a missing dll:


I found three options:
download the file from some .dll site
install windows update
install windows c++ pack

both windows options failed because I so far couldn't find packages that would install on my machine
so I downloaded the dll by itself, three different versions

got a new error message on trying to run 1.5.5
"cannot find procedure entry point vertbase terminate in ..(that)..dll

so the versions of the .dll I can find are not the right ones.
I attach a screenshot of my system info.

My next plan is to uninstall the 64 bit one and try the 32 bit one and see if it runs.
I'll keep you posted

Thanks for any suggestions
I'm not upgrading my system, I'll keep using 1.4.6 if 1.5.5 won't run.

32 bit install of 1.5.5 isn't working either.
screenshot of error message attached

Here's the error message screenshot for 1.5.4 64 bit:

Well: I could conclude that the newer versions of Scribus aren't going to run on my old
Windows 7, and are made to run on Windows 10. I admit that when I ran the
Windows upgrade today it advised me to get W 10.

I spent an hour or so running Windows Update, and had high hopes, but I got the same
error message about the missing module in the .dll.

I found a mention from another user that he or she is running 1.5.5 on Windows 7, so
if appears that that's not the problem.

So, in that case, I am still looking for a version of that .dll file that
will satisfy Scribus's requirements and make it go.

The question is, is there any version of Scribus after 1.4.6 that will run on my machine the
way it is?

I will spend some time today investigating whether
1.5.1 - 1.5.3 will run; otherwise I will remain with 1.4.6
for the foreseeable future. It does do almost everything
I want, except for (sigh) (footnotes...).

Scribus 1.5.2 is installed and I have opened one of my files and it looks good.


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