PDF exported from Scribus is very slow to review in Acrobat Pro and Reader

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I opened a PDF in Scribus (random website printed to PDF, 1.7 MB in size).  From there I exported to PDF without making any changes at all.  It generated a file that is multiple times larger than the original PDF (86 MB) and when you try to view it in either Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Reader (both latest versions), it performs poorly.  It takes a very long time just to load a single page and you can barely scroll through the document.  However, if you open the same exported PDF in Chrome, you can view it with no delays, it works perfectly.  Am I doing something wrong?

I tried to embed fonts and not embed fonts, tried to lower DPI, still performs poorly in Acrobat.  If you wait long enough you'll see the first few pages load but scrolling is unbearable.  Can't even click any buttons or anything because it's constantly loading.  Anybody have any ideas why this is happening?


Sorry, didn't know how to edit my original post (if someone knows how, can you let me know?).

UPDATE:  I opened the original PDF but this time did it in page ranges.  I then exported to PDF from Scribus using only those page ranges.  When I add up the sizes of each of those files the total size for the whole book is a fraction of the size (21.9MB total) than if I opened the whole book at once and exported all pages at once.  I have no idea what's going on.  Each individual file work perfectly fine when opening in Acrobat.  My next step would be to combine the separated files and see what happens.