Zoom function in 1.5.2 worse than in 1.4.6

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Having just finally upgraded to 1.5.2 (1.5.5 will not run on my system so far)

I find that the Zoom function which in 1.4.6 was managed with keystrokes CNTL + / - has been disabled
in favor of a less flexible selection function in the View menu which allows only the increments
75%, 100%, 200%, and requires accessing the drop down menu instead of the convenient
keystrokes to change the view size, which worked before. Hope this keystroke function can be put
back in, in the future, and if possible with more gradations of size available. 



Hold down the control key and scroll your mouse forward and back... ZOOM ZOOM!
Goto File/Preferencesin the preferences dialog look for
1 Operator Tools, it should have the min and max values to can zoom to and the percent of stepping.
2 Keyboard shortcuts,  there you can define how keyboard shortcuts work, near the bottom of the dialog is a drop down for loadable shortcut sets. There a a few predefined sets for you or you can make your own save them..I'm using scribus version 1.5.5 on opensuse 15.2 beta.Hope this helps
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Thanks Admiral  - I'm sorry, I was shooting from the hip. I have found that the zoom functions in 1.5.2 are superior to those in 1.4.6, but I have an old habit of hitting CONTROL > + / -, which worked in 1.4.6 and no longer works in 1.5.2.

There is a mousable zoom button at the bottom of the page in 1.5.2 which I hadn't noticed yet, and the increments of the zoom function are actually adjustable (somewhere - I did find it once. Maybe it's in Doc Setup.) So, I was completely wrong, and I apologize.


With large complex software I generally find that that what I need is buried in the program somewhere. There have been several changes to options that buried deeper into a sub menu. The get image function in 1.5 is one. There are a couple of others for images that I use often and find them sub menus down. Would be nice to have a shortcut dialog/pallet that you have easy access to often used options.
Shoot from the hip all you like, we will just keep dodging them...  :P
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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a. don't use 1.5.2. use 1.5.5
b. the trend towards sub menus is very unfortunate.
c. ctrl+/ might be your friend... promoted by probono, implemented by myself (you just need to find which chars to type fo directly get to your preferred tool)
d. you can set custom shortcuts (but don't do it too often: there is a limited number of comfortable shortcuts...)

i'm not sure that a shortcut dialog or palette would be better than the action search. but there might be a way to add a "latest action" in the action search...