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How do i get the minimize, resize buttons on my windows?

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--- Quote from: gregnh on March 28, 2011, 06:56:13 pm ---its my first version of ubuntu or linux. i did find a way to make the window roll up, although it still doesnt put the buttons in. in the menu, system/preferences/windows there is a Titlebar section where double clicking on the titlebar either rolls up, maximizes, or minimizes the window. so i switched to to roll up & that works. but that sets the default for all the windows. i thought maybe i could try & configure it w/ gconf, but what i have works for now, & it clears alot of screen quick. if a solution comes along later thats cool.

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You can change the way windows look in System > Preferences > Appearance. I noticed that starting with Lucid the default window buttons are on the other side. I quickly changed them back to the traditional positions.

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