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I'm using Scribus 1.4 with Windows 10.  Today when I opened my Scribus project file, I found that the file is locked.  I can still add to blank areas, but I can't edit any text or image frames.  "Item" is dimmed on the menu.  Any suggestions?


it's unlikely that the file is locked.

but it could be that the layer is locked.

if you can share the .sla file we can have a look at it.


i got the file.

1. this is an .autosave file, not the file you were working on.
2. i opened windows > layers and saw that you have two layers. the "background" one is locked.
3. i have unlocked the background
4. after activating the  background layer in the layers list, i was able to select the items on the pages.

you also say that page 10 is empty. it indeed looks so but:

1. i opened windows > outline to see the list of all you items by page.
2. page 10 also contains a big white rectangle.
3. the white rectangle is on top of everything and covers the text behind it.
4. just delete it or move it to the bottom (behind the other items on the page)

finally, i've noticed that you've tried to setup the pages so that the document prints as a booklet.
in most cases, this is not a good idea.
you should setup the pages as they are, and let the printer figure out how to print them as a booklet.
i'm also not really sure if you got the order correct (one "error" sticks out: page 20 should be on the left of page 1, as the first page in the document).