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Something like fontwork (open/libre office (wordart forMS users)) would be nice in scribus.

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I Think something that can easily change how a text looks: bending, multiple colors, gradients, 3-d effects, would be a usefull plus for scribus.


when there is nothing more essential to do, this may be worth a try – i don't think, this should be a priorized task...



Any improvement would be another bones, But, Scribus is a marvelous program but the description I have had  for this forum and another makes it an exciting thought.



the problem with the effects above, is that some (or most) are not supported in the print workflow.

scribus has the policy not to risk to mess your text with fancy effects if they're not directly supported by the print workflow.
you can see it that way: if the PDF format does not support 3D transformations on glyphs, there are few chances that scribus will support it.
other softwares have different policies, and some of them are a real headache for printers!

and for the practical part, that is achieving your goals, you can convert the text to outlines transform them to have a 3D effect or apply a gradient.