Prevent SVG text transformation to outlines

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Hello everyone,
there's any way to prevent Scribus from transforming SVG text elements into outlines?

I'm trying to import an SVG with some text in a page with other text, added within scribus.

Even if I can change font attributes (family, weight, size) of my original SVG file, when I export my scribus file in PDF some rendering differences between outlines and text are presents.


no currently loading text from SVG and PDF always outlines it.

it does not need to stay that way forever, but that's the current state of the thing...

i did a few tests, and it seems that the best you can do to get text from an svg into scribus is to open the file with a browser and copy paste the text into a scribus text frame.
you will lose the whole formatting, but if you also import the file as vectors, you can then recreate the layout and -- at the end -- delete that part of the vector file.


Thanks for your explanation.

Actually I'm trying to import charts with many labels, so re-creating all the texts every time can be tedious.

Do you think this effect can be achieved by importing other kinds of vector files? Or maybe with a python script?


of course you can do (almost) everything with a python script (if you really want).

but it would probably be just as easy to extend the real svg importer to optionally (and at least partially) import text as is.
of course, if you import the text as is, you cannot be sure that the result will look exactly the same as in the original svg... but it might be close enough for some uses.

p.s.: how to do it with pyhton? just parse the svg as xml, detect the text fields and create text fields in scribus with the information you can read from the xml... you can put them on top of the svg you have otherwise imported with scribus.