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Disappearing images


I am using a Dell laptop running Windows 10.  I have set up my picture directory in Scribus and inserted,  resized and positioned about 20 pictures in ther image frames.  I locked all of the frames.  Now two of the images have disappeared from their frames, leaving only the red frame and the crossed red diagonal lines.  Inside the frame is some text identifying the image that is missing.  What do I need to do to get those images back?

hi tjones

when you place images in scribus, they are normally linked to the .sla file, not embedded. (well, it is possible to embed them, but i wouldn't recommend it in most projects…)
when you move the images or the scribus file on your drive, the .sla file will lose the link and the red cross with the file name will be displayed.

if you have to move your scrbus project, you should use 'file' → 'collect for output' to generate a project folder with all the images (and the fonts and color profiles, if you need them).


I see that this topic has been discussed previously, so I will lock this discussion.


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