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My first post: Identifying tool icons

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I'm using a Dell laptop computer with Windows 10.  I just downloaded Scribus 1.4 a week ago.  When I hover my mouse pointer over the various tool icons, I get no popup text identifying the tool.  Is that something I can change or fix?

you might like 1.5.5 better


--- Quote from: RodneyLee on April 23, 2020, 04:14:24 pm ---you might like 1.5.5 better

--- End quote ---

this may be true – but this mouse-over help should work in 1.4.8 as well…


Yes, it should, but it doesn't. Can it be fixed by me or is there a workaround?

i don't see any way to activate / deactivate the tooltips for scribus.

one possible cause would be that Qt (the framework is using) is getting too much information about your trackpad / mouse and it never gets to a state where it thinks that there is no movement...
but it's just a wild guess...


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