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I am a newbie Scribus user with a few questions about images.
1. If I keep the images that are in my document in a desktop folder, how do I name that folder and the images so they will be found?
2. Should I embed the images? If I embed, do I need to retain the images on the desktop? If embedding is good choice, how do I do it?
3. How can I email the Scribus file to others? Does it need to be to a PDF? If so, must I have ghostbuster to save as a pdf?


hi carolyn

usually it is better to link the images to the file than to embed them.
it doesn't matter how you name your directories, but you shouldn't move them around. with 'file' → 'collect for output' you can create a directory with a copy of your .sla file and copies of all the placed images, the used fonts and color profiles. as the whole project is collected in this folder, you can send it to someone else without losing any links.
but if you like to send a final file to others, it's usually a .pdf file.

Quote from: CarolynPMeyer on April 24, 2020, 11:45:37 PM...must I have ghostbuster to save as a pdf?

there's nothing supernatural with scribus – for dealing with layout software skills are better than ghostbusters...
...and you don't need ghostscript to generate .pdf files. (afaik. you need it if you like to import .eps or .pdf files...)