ESC not closing any dialog boxes

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I'm trying to close dialog boxes using the escape key which in theory should work, yet for some reason it's not. I just switched my linux distro over to Fedora, previously I was using Mint and I believe it was working fine on Scribus on Mint. For some reason it's not here. Just wondering if anyone has any insight into this matter. It's quite tedious to have to close every dialog box using the mouse.



It was because I had accidentally downloaded the "beta" version and not the stable release on Fedora. Once I downloaded the stable release, I was able to use Escape like normal.  ;D


euh... no, this should really work in the latest beta version. really.

if it does not you should probably report it to the fedora packagers.


Thanks. I'll look into that. I'm not too sure where I'd report it. But yeah it seems like that should be something that would be working.


hi gittenger,

i would first go to a fedora help forum and ask there if anybody else has the same issue or if they can otherwise give any hint.

from what i can tell, it's not an issue that affects other users with different setups.

but i've also internet-searched "fedora package scribus" and found

which has a "bugs" section...