Right-To-Left like Japanese Manga - can I force the pdf to start from the end?

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I'm paginating a Japanese book that's right-to-left, western last page will be the first. Is there any setup to force the pdf to understand this? A way to force the opening of the file from the last page, eventually also calling it the first?
Thank you
Scribus Version 1.5.5
31 July 2019
Build ID: C--T-*-C1.16.0-Windows-64bit
Using Ghostscript version 9.27


hi harinezumi

there is something like a work in progress for complex text layout (including right to left) – but as you can see here, there is not much progress recently...



hi arinezumi (&utnik)

first: RTL text does work in the development branch.

most of the work has been done by HOST (house of open source technology) in Oman and has been integrated into the main scribus code.

most CTL features are in and so is basic RTL (and BIDI) support.
sadly,  RTL pages are (afaik) still missing.

i think that there is a preliminary patch by HOST for it but it should be worked on before it can be inserted.

now, your request is simply about having the pdf to open from the last page, which should be a simple switch in the pdf export and a tag somewhere in the pdf file created.
if this is the case it should be trivial to do and can be added to scribus in a matter of days...

what should you do?

- if possible, look in the pdf specification if this feature is supported by pdf and keep a link to the reference.
- open a ticket in https://bugs.scribus.net asking for the feature and linking to the relevant documentation.

does not seem to hard to me : - )

happy isolation