How to apply the styles, characters, paragraphs?

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Lou Siew Hei

I just ran Scribus 1.4 on a large screen, now I can see all the dialog windows in their entirety, and able to click on all the buttons.
But following the tutorial I got, I clicked on the text frame, then F3, created, and selected the paragraph style I want, and the style still is not applied to the text in the frame; I had to select the text in the frame, then press F2, go to the text tab, and adjust the properties there. What did I miss here?


Double click in the frame to get a text cursor. Place the text cursor in the paragraph you want to style.

Now press F3 to get the style manager. Select the style you want. Right click and select Apply. This can not be undone from the Edit menu.

Or press F2 to get Properties, click Text, click Style Settings, and select the Paragraph Style you want. The change takes place immediately, and it can be undone from the Edit menu.

This is how it works for me in Scribus 1.4.0.rc6 in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Your mileage may vary.

Meho R.

As marty39 explained, having cursor positioned somewhere in a paragraph is enough for applying paragraph styles, no selection needed (except if you want to apply a paragraph style to more than one paragraph, in which case you'll have to select them first).

Another method for applying paragraph styles is to use Story Editor (shortcut: Ctrl+T): styles drop-down lists for every paragraph are on the left (for more than one paragraph: select paragraphs, then use drop-down list from the toolbar).

Note: There is one thing you should be aware of: when applying a paragraph style to a text which contains direct formatting (manual use of italics, bold etc.), those will be lost in the process. It is recommended that you create separate character styles for italics, bold, bold italics... and apply them to words/sentences instead of direct manual formatting. Also, if paragraph style still "refuses" to be applied to a particular paragraph, try first removing all direct formatting (F2 > Text > Style Settings > small icon right of the drop-down list) from the paragraph and apply the style again.


I have just done a test into the problem of getting italics from Open Office. Instead of using the italics icon, highlight the text you want in italics and the do a ctrl +"i". The same applies to Bold, Ctrl + B" It works.

I have a lot of work to do now on one large document.

Hope that will help.