Master Page Disappears in Optimized PDF

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Here's an odd one.

I have two Master pages in my document: Left and Right. Both appear fine when viewing/editing the SLA file, and both appear fine when I export the file to PDF.

HOWEVER, when I then optimize that PDF to reduce its file size, the Right master page no longer appears in the optimized document.

The image on the Left and Right pages is identical, just flipped horizontally, and I am at my wits' end.

Has anyone else run into this issue? I've deleted and replaced the image(s) in the source folder, deleted and replaced the image frame(s), everything I can think of. What am I missing?


hi gmlent

how do you optimize your .pdf file?
do you use:

  • ghostscript?
  • acrobat pro?
  • some other tool?


I use PhantomPDF Pro.

It's the weirdest thing: both pages render fine in the PDF export, but for some reason, the right side mater page frame  - and only the right side master page frame - disappears when I shrink the PDF. Even weirder: the page numbers stay, it's just the page border that goes.


It seems I can void the problem by just lowering the max image resolution in Scribus when I export the file, which gives me the smaller file size I need with all the backgrounds and pages intact, but it's still damn weird.


if you can reproduce the problem, it would be worth to file a bug report.



It gets weirder.

About a month ago I did an export of the file and then optimized the resulting PDF and the borders stayed on all pages. If I PRINT the file to a PDF then optimize that PDF the borders stay. It's only when I Export the file to PDF (which I prefer because then it retains the bookmarks) the optimize the resulting PDF that the problem appears.

I'm so confused.