My work with Scribus and some issues

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this is my first post here. First I want to say big thanks to all developers and people who work hard in Scribus team. I'm using Scribus for few years, from early versions (2.x ?) to this day, producing lot of publications, some books, posters, etc. On some of them i've put a "made with scribus" text.
Despite of some minor lacks I use it everyday, and don't want to change it to any another commercial DTP software :). I was often "fighting" with my printing shop to realize my projects made with Scribus, but I wasn't discouraged, still using Scribus.

Two things annoys me (they maybe aren't bugs), so i want to ask users/developers about them:
1. I use two LCDs, on first main Scribus window, on the other small windows like Properties, Structure, Layers, etc.
Each time when Scribus starts it doesn't remember positions of each window, and they must be arranged on monitors by hand (mice, actually). It is little painful, when it is morning, you were working all night, and to get your work finally done you must arrange windows again :)
I'm using Debian Testing, Gnome 2.30.2 and Scribus 1.4.0.rc6.
2. When in Edit shape mode the middle mouse button doesnt actually scroll  page, but it draw select rectangle, similar to left button. I don't know it is a bug or feature, this is annoying for me.
What do you think about these issues?

Regards from Warsaw, Poland.


hi szalat,

---> 1. it's a known problem... but i don't have a clue how to solve it! i guess that like most developers i'm using a single screen and have other priorities. shouldn't be hard to solve, it just needs some care from somebody who cares... any volunteers? (this could be a god task for somebody having basic programming knowledges and wanting to jump into the scribus code :-)

---> 2. concerning the panning: please fill a bug report on . there are good chances that the issue will be fixed quite fast.



I have an idea to solve this problem, it's what i have observed in other programs.
1st when user close a window, save the window position.
2nd when user open a window, look for a saved position

If a position if find, look if the position exist (the 2nd monitor is pluged, power on or not)

If the position exist open the window to this position

Else use the default powition.


I'm not sure if this is the same problem.  I have just one screen and Scribus (1.4.1) remembers the position and size of the main window and the Properties Dialog but forgets the size and position of the Style Manager Dialog.  Perhaps this IS a bug?