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clipboard - cannot copy paste from inkscape to scribus

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you have a few invisible artifacts in bottom half that make your image frame bigger than the graphic's you'll want to ungroup that section again to remove them

I have tried this a few time but there is no reaction from Scribus.

Just to be certain, steps as follows

* open scribus, new document
* open file explorer and go to the .svg file
* reduce the size of the explorer window so the scribus working sheet is visible
* click and drag the .svg file onto the open scribus workspace
* this is when I expect something to happen in scribus, but nothing happens
Is this how you did it and it worked?

can you please share the versions of SW and the OS you are on

only difference I use LinuxMint 19.3 and I dragged the file from desktop to scribus not from a file manager, Scribus 1.5.5

I just tested this from my file manager and it did not work, works fine from my desktop
here it is still grouped

Thanks for your testing this. I tried to open the file you send, but scribus did not like it. An error suggesting version incompatibility came up.

Just tried to drag an .svg from the desktop into the scribus workspace, but this did not work either.

Someone in the Inkscape forums suggested that the 1.5.x scribus handles .svg's better.


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