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clipboard - cannot copy paste from inkscape to scribus

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I recall a few years ago createing some nice booklets in scribus. My workflow was to create the finer graphics in inkscape and then using the clipboard to bring them into scribus.
Back then I was on a Win7 machine. Now I am on linux.

This clipboard interoperability is not working now. Is this feature deliberately take out or blocked in Scribus.

I am finding some interesting effects with the clipboard controls that point to some SW problem here.

If I use CTRL+C, CTRL+V to try this operation between inkscape and scribus, there is nothing pasted. In fact according to Scribus, there is nothing in the clipboard - the option in the menu edit>paste is greyed out.

But if I use the menu (edit>copy)in inkscape to copy (not keyboard shortcut), then the edit>paste option in the menu of scribus is now active.
But still nothing is pasted.

Can anyone comment on copy and pasting between inkscape and scribus. How it works if it still does at all?

btw, trying to get whole inkscape documents into scribus is also not working so well. This is in another forum post here.

for anyone interested to see the inkscape file I am dealing with, its attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

thats a .pdf, inkscape files are .svg, you can drag and drop .svp into scribus, they work great (1.5.5 anyway)

here it is

[attachment deleted by admin]

Just tried to drag a .svg file and drop it into scribus - nothing happened

Not sure what you were meaning in your post

--- Quote from: RodneyLee on March 22, 2020, 04:29:06 pm ---you can drag and drop .svp into scribus, they work great (1.5.5 anyway)

--- End quote ---

I just did it, worked great (drag and Drop) you d have to have a page open or new page created, left click and hold image, drag onto a page in scribus ( I use 1.5.5) let go of mouse button, works for all images AFAIK

you can then ungroup your SVG and arrange everything on the page


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