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Hi everybody!
Some years have passed since I definitely moved to work with Scribus and, in order to thank all the people working to improve its code and develop it, I would like to share some works in this forum.

Some covers made with Scribus and exported as print-ready PDFs for the printing house:

Some of the graphics were created with Inkscape and imported to Scribus (note that Scribus imports directly .svg documents, which is pretty nice).

Some "insider" pics of the books:

Notice that it is possible to create a table of contents, even a larger or complex one. Or even several within a document. The procedure, though, is quite tricky, because it implies lot of handwork. If some one is interested, this link should help:

As a summary, I would say everything needed to create a book with Scribus is there. Some feature could have muuuch less steps (as the creation of a table of contents, or the edition of several pages in "arrange pages" by selecting more than one each time), but it works. Without a question, the feature I miss most is to split documents in order to work with larger works (as mentioned here,2620.0.html).

Big thanks for the Scribus' Team and best regards!