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Good day,
I am a new visiter on the Forum !
I have a problem about the setup of Scribus.
In the menu Files>Import, I have not the command "import PS files"

I have :

  • Scribus-1.4.6
  • Ghostscript-9.26
  • and the file : /usr/lib/scribus/plugins/
The file is enable, but the command "import PS files" does not appears !
Perhaps is there a shell command to activate the link between Scribus and Ghostscript ?
I shall be gracefully to you if you have an answer.


Hi Francois,

First are you trying to import true postscript files or encapsulated postscript files (.eps)? What was the original software that created the .ps files?  Are the .ps files all vector or is there raster/bitmap elements within them?  Could you share one of the .ps files?