Incorrect ligatures in spanish

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In Spanish we do not use ligatures. However, some fonts always show ligatures, such as ae, and it is impossible to deactivate them. I have noticed this behavior in the Gillius and Baskervald otf, in example. I use Scribus 1.5.6.svn in Kubuntu 19.10. I do not know if it is a problem of Scribus, Plasma or Kubuntu.
I appreciate any help.


hi rabimx

i don't know a way to deactivate the ligatures by default. (i never searched for...) but you can deactivate them in the style settings:
'edit' → 'style', then select either a character style or the 'character' part of a paragraph style. under 'font features' you can uncheck the ligatures. in-frame editing you'll find the ligatures in 'text properties' → 'font features'...

but if there is really no way to deactivate those font features by default, it would be worth filing this as a feature request.