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Can not import odt file lists

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--- Quote from: robert.peetsalu on March 09, 2022, 01:22:26 pm ---I found a workaround in the forums:,2211.msg10041.html#msg10041

I'll try it and report back.

--- End quote ---

Tried it and the result is - in Scribus 1.4.8 when you import an ODT file with formatted text into a textbox, then it keeps the text of the bullet points, but:
- The text of the bullet points switches to Arial and to a different font size even, if you have set the preferred font and size to your desired values in Preferences.
- The whole document loses bold and italic formatting and all links
- Line spacing, that is 15p everywhere in the imported document, became 11p in about half of the paragraphs and 15.28p in the rest of the paragraphs for some reason. I'd have to redo all formatting, which defeats the purpose of importing.

So no, this workaround doesn't actually work for importing formatted text.

Next I tried mass-replacing bullet points with something else that can be imported, but LibreOffice is not able to find bullet points in the document.

The next easiest solution I see (which I will use) is to:
1. Remove all list styling from the document.
2. Save it as an ODT file.
3. Import it to Scribus 1.5.x with Get text..
4. Manually add back all list styling.

This solution lets you keep all the rest of the formatting.

            x              (x)                    robert,What version of software made the ODT document that you imported? This may be critical, as the 1.4 version of scribus may not handle a new ODT document correctly. the 1.5 version of scribus has better import filters. the 1.5 version may have a better chance of keeping the format of the older ODT document.


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