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Can not import odt file lists

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When a odt file (made by libreoffice writer v6.3.4.2) was imported into scribus text frame, the numbered list lost.

The attachments are the screenshots and the odt file.

How to make the imported lists style work?

My System:
Debian Stretch 9.11/gnome
Scribus 1.5.5svn 23095(Build ID: C--T-F-C1.15.10-64bit)

This is still a problem for me too. All the imported bullet points turn into hyphens.

I tried setting the default style of the document from Edit -> Styles.. -> Default Paragraph Styles -> Paragraph Effects -> Char Table and there managed to use the weird character inserter to enter the hyphen, but all that didt was add a hyphen at the beginning of every paragraph instead of recognizing the hyphen as a bulled list item.

Import doesn't work, but select all, copy and paste brings in the bullets.


--- Quote from: steven8 on March 09, 2022, 12:56:09 pm ---Import doesn't work, but select all, copy and paste brings in the bullets.

--- End quote ---

Copy-pasting doesn't paste formatting. I need to get both formatting and lists from the source document. Is there any workaround for that on either the stable or development version or any clever combination of both?

All official Scribus help documents say that the best way to import formatted text is to import an ODT file, so I exported my Google Doc in ODT format. The exported file looks great in latest LibreOffice, but importing it to a text box in Scribus 1.4.x turns them into hyphens and in 1.5.x loses the lists together with all the paragraphs behind them.

I found a workaround in the forums:,2211.msg10041.html#msg10041

I'll try it and report back.


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