Questions Regarding Table boarders

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Greetings! I'm working on recreating some tables that I've made in word (image below). So far I've been able to duplicate the general structure of our datasheets (image below) but i still have a few questions regarding how to use tables, specifically...

- Am I able to make visible only several sides of a table border? I am aware of how to make the border of an entire textbox visible, however, with the way I have everything set up I only need some of the borders of a given textbox to be visible.

- Is there a way to have the textboxes expand as I type in them? That is one of the benefits of working with tables in Word/WPS, but it seems to be the case that if I type past the bounds of a textbox in Scribus the excess words simply disappear beyond the border of the text frame. This is not exactly the end of the world, as I know I can adjust the textboxes accordingly, but it wouldn't hurt if I could use that feature.

And my general question is whether or not my table is efficient, or if there is a better way to go about creating these. I'm sure I have more questions regarding tables, but if someone is able to shed light on these questions that would be much appreciated!

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