Footnotes all turn to zero (struggling) 1.5.0svn

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Paul McG

So, today I moved on to the next stage, which is adding footnotes. All going well until - whooops! - all the footnotes are numbered 0 (see attached). The numbers in the text are OK, but the footnotes at the bottom are no good.

I found this link:

which looks like the same thing from last year. But is there a solution?

I tried reopening the same file on my MacBook, but have the same problem.

This is a bit of a deal breaker for me. Can anyone help?


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hey, the solution depends on the version your using

if you're using the released 1.5.0, stop using footnotes before it's too late :-(

if you're compiling yourself 1.5svn from the current code, well, the footnotes are still not a stable feature.

there has been some work been done after 1.5.0 has been released and there should be no document corruption anymore when using footnotes... but the new code has not been tested.
so, if you're using the latest code, you're ready to write bug reports, and you're brave enough: you're welcome to play the guinea pig... otherwise i would also suggest you not to use the footnotes yet...

have a nice evening

Paul McG

That is very disappointing. I have made so much progress in the last few days, but without footnotes Scribus can't do what I need. Thanks anyway. Paul


well, it depends a bit on how many footnotes you will have... if it's less than 20 you might create them "manually"...

if you have many... not a practical solution, of course!


Quote from: a.l.e on January 20, 2016, 07:29:46 PM
well, it depends a bit on how many footnotes you will have... if it's less than 20 you might create them "manually"...

if you have many... not a practical solution, of course!

Although this is now an old post, I am adding to it for the sake of general info.
The issue of Scribus's footnotes is one I have struggled with considerably in version 1.4.
I have not yet started using 1.5 and am specifically checking the forum today to see
if any progress has been reported here on the footnote issue, which is the
only significant-to-me feature missing in 1.4. The other posts turned up in
today's search of the forum are my own, and I don't see any new developments here.

I have created a great many manual footnotes using 1.4.
They are fine the first time around but when you want to revise
and you have to re-number them, it is really a pain, requiring hours.
When I quit composing in Scribus and went back to composing ahead of time in
Open Office, (when the material I am working with permits this),
it was with a great sigh of relief to use OO's superior footnote engine.
In OO, if you cut and past a block of text with a footnote in it, the footnote goes
with it and gets re-numbered automatically. I am using endnotes in OO, actually,
which make for a more readable text.

Then, the whole block of endnotes can get pasted into Scribus, but of course
they are no longer dynamic. It would be interesting to try to make a dynamic
link between OO and Scribus so that the OO text could be re-edited and the
footnote revision work done by OO, but that is over my head. 

One fine day, Scribus will have its own end-note engine.
I am quite sure that this is in the works, but I do remember that
Scribus's prime purpose is not for composition, but for layout.

Some of my material is so graphics-heavy that I can't see any way to proceed except
to compose directly in Scribus. It is then that I have the footnote management