my .sla file takes forever to load

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hi forum,
i'm relatively new to  scribus an i am using for a portfolio design.
i have used the option that collects ll the images into the .sla (don't recall how its called exactly) and I am trying to open the file and continue working on it but it takes forever to load/ open.

the file is abut 50 pages and includes lots of images, few text.

Should I be patient or is there a problem with the file?

(as I write this I am past 20 minutes waiting to load!!!!)

any suggestions?


computer, ram, OS etc... info, please, Size of images? does it eventually load if so maybe you can resave as 5, 10 booklets


Windows 10 64 bit
I5 , 6GB RAM

Image size varies 1-10 mb.

i am working on 1.5.4,
the .sla file is 220 mb total, it is a "collect for output" so it can load the images i have and not give me blank image windows. Otherwise I have to load the images one by one which is a total waste of time.

it does eventually open (most of the times). not sure how it will work for future edits if i make booklets?

Is there a way to make it open faster or is it a lost cause?


hi axl998

is the .sla file 220 mb heavy? – or is this the folder created by the 'collect for output' command with all the images?
if it is really the .sla file, what makes it so fat?

scribus projects with lots of images are easier (faster) to work with, when you reduce the preview settings of the images to 'low resolution'.