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I'm looking to print 4 postcards to an 8.5" x 11" postcard stock sheet with different mail merge data on both sides and duplex printing capability (I have an M1 Edge 2 printer fully capable of duplexing).  I need to know if this is possible with Scribus and I also need to know how to make it happen.  Please help.


simple answer, lay it out, save as .pdf open .pdf hit print
as for mail merge, you'll want to google tutorials, I always wanted to try that and have seen many posts it sounds simple


hi yls,

welcome to scribus.

yes you can do that with scribus, even if, depending on the content of your document you might prefer doing it with libreoffice.

you're not telling us what you have already tried and what are you're layouting skills.

for a start i would suggest to have a look at the scribus floss manual:


and, for the mail merging part, at the scribus generator:


don't hesitate to ask further questions.



I mail-merged four postcard-sized card fronts, with four address, onto one letter-sized page, but not with Scribus. I used Libre Office Writer. Feel free to write for guidance.