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Hi all.

Where are default tab stops set for a document?

I set it a year ago when I started the document but cannot remember how. I had to start a new document and in the mean time also had to replace HDD and lost previous settings.

Attached is a screen shot of how it was. Tab stops are now too far apart.


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hi deonholt

the default tab stops are set under: 'file' → 'document setup' → 'item tools' → 'text' → 'tab width' for an existing document, and at the same place in 'preferences' for all your new files.

...but i never use the default tab sops, as they never match the needs in a given file anyway...



I see you are a Here Member. I just want to confirm that. You are indeed.

Thank you very much. That was the setting I was looking for. Thank you once again.

Best Regards.