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Hello Scribus Forum!

I am currently using Scribus to create a Graduation Magazine for our year. This includes the profiles of us 106 students.
I created a layout, which I sent to others as a template. They each filled in a few pages and sent me their document back. They sent them to me as a template folder, so I'd have all images.

But now I have the following issue:

I want to merge all the documents into one, which I try to do by importing all the pages into one Scribus document.
I have 5 documents to merge. The first 4 have 10 pages, the last one has 13. They all use the same layout and master pages.

I was able to take the first file and Import all the pages from file 2, 3 and 4 without any issues. I saved that s another file and it worked normally.

BUT now I'm trying to import the last file, which is the only one with 13 pages, and after the import, some images disappear. It is especially weird, since I have not yet noticed any specific way of them disappearing, or any pattern. The images change every time and they are not from any specific document, but from each of the 5 files. The filepaths are also still correct.

The frame is still there, unchanged, if I try to replace the images with the "Manage Images" tool, it doesn't replace them. It only works if I use "Get image". However, that would be very exhausting to do, since every page has 5 images and my classmates didn't name all their files for me to easily see which image belongs where, so I'd be happy if anyone knew how to fix it.

Could it be caused by the last file being the only one that I did on my computer? I've already tried saving it as a template and putting that folder into the same one where the others are, but that didn't work either. Even when I deleted everything else connected to my part. I also tried only adding two pages at a time, but the problem still occurs. However I noticed that it seems like the more pages I add, the more images vanish.

Attached is a screenshot of what the page would looked like before and a screenshot of what it looks like after I added pages from my part.
Do not be confused, the green stuff is just me censoring private information.

Thanks in advance,


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Quote from: Babsinyan on January 17, 2020, 08:10:19 PM
They sent them to me as a template folder, so I'd have all images.

I would say that the correct way to do this would be "Collect for output".


I dragged images into my document and the image disappears even after embedded. Also, the original jpeg vanishes. I'm using 1.5.5 only because the stable 1.4.8 is 32 bit app.
Ami doing something wrong😟


hi dave

Quote from: Davefilmsus on January 23, 2020, 12:01:38 AM
I dragged images into my document and the image disappears even after embedded.

usually the images shouldn't be embedded – just linked. (and by dragging them from a file browser scribus won't embed them by default...)
QuoteAlso, the original jpeg vanishes.

in this case it's not a scribus problem. but when the original file has been moved in the file system, the link in scribus can't work anymore.



It is also possible that this could be merely a matter of the file size.
Although 53 pages could be fine, I have noticed that about 50 pages
is the limit for one of my Scribus files, that at that point Scribus
starts to run slowly and behave oddly, so if that happens, I
save the file twice as file-half-1 and file-half-two and delete the appropriate
half from each, then I have two files, export each to PDF and
reassemble them with the pdf tool.

You might try this: keep each individual file as a small 10-13 page scribus file,
(adjust the page numbers appropriately,) export all to pdf and then merge
with the pdf tool and then print.