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I just lost my complete message when I hit the POST button.  No, I'm not going to retype it.  This on top of the problems with Scribus.  At least Scribus used to work.  Let's start by fixing  the forum software.



yep, that's sad...

happens often to me too.

most of the time because the login has expired.
(when i notice that there is a risk, i tend to copy the text to the clipboard before posting... on the other side, most of the time, when i've lost my message, then i tend to write a shorter one, to the benefits of everybody else : - )

this having been said, if you have practical suggestions for improving the forum, we will listen...
and pray that things will change one day...

I just redid a part of the post.  One suggestion would be to increase the time out.  I know an hour seems like a long time, certainly time enough for one little post; however, some of us have a life.  Throw in a few phone calls and people stopping by with questions and suddenly it (and my post) is gone.