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Hi all.
I am new to Scribus. I am new to Libre Office.
I have been producing a newsletter folding an A4 to produce an A5 booklet, sometimes 16 pages long for a group of friends.
Now I would like to use Scribus to do the same but I cannot find a template for an A5 small "booklet". Where do I start?
Arctic ??


Make it a regular A5 document, export to PDF and then use booklet printing from the PDF viewer or an impositioning software to create a PDF for the booklet.


Hi Arctic, here is the manual layout, I think I got the page size right, I do not typically work in the A paper sizes.  It is done in Scribus 1.5.4, Max OSX.  I hope this helps with the layout, 16 pages is not that difficult to layout, I would not want to do a 100 page like this though...  Please see the attached files. Note: fonts have been outlined.  I hope this helps!



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