The application lilypond --pdf" could not be started

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Dear forum,

I have installed Scribus on my Win11 computer and would like to use Lilypond in the render frame.

Lilypond itself is also installed. Now when I drag a render frame, I always get the message: "The application lilypond --pdf" could not be started. Please check the path:" (The message also ends after the colon, Scribus does not tell me which path it wants to check...) The programme then crashes.

Maybe it's because I didn't install Lilypond in the default Applications folder. But I can't find a way to change the path anywhere.

Or is this perhaps a programming error?

Thank you for your help!


Can you run "lilypond" from the command line?

If it is not in the path, I think you need to enter the full path to the executable in:
Preferences -> External tools


Merci beaucoup, it seems to have actually worked!

I think I'm now one step further. Now the editor reports that it has successfully compiled my input. Still, Scribus doesn't show the result, just the name of the pdf in the temp folder: scribus_temp_render_cHeyTr.pdf in my case.

And again I seem to have to learn something new...