Scribus generates corrupt pdf-files?

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I have a document in Scribus. When exporting it as a pdf and opening it in Acrobat, Acrobat crashes. It happens either when I scroll quickly in Acrobat or when I run pre-flight.

The document is 40 pages long and has approximately 20 pictures (which I scale down to 300 bpi when exporting to pdf).

To remedy the problem, I have tried the following:
* Exported other pdf:s of the same size and opened them in Acrobat: Same problem.
* Exported smaller pdf:s and opened them in Acrobat: Acrobat still scrolls slowly, but I get fewer crashes. (With small enough document, no crashes.)
* Open other large pdf:s made in InDesign and open them in Acrobat: Works perfectly.
* Open my pdf in another pdf-handeling program (PStill): It also crashes.
* Installed Acrobat on another computer and opened my pdf: Same problem. Acrobat crashes also on this computer.
* Called Adobe-help who tried for 2.5 hours and came to the conclusion that the pdf must be corrupt.

So this is also my conclusion: Scribus generates corrupt pdf:s, and the errors reveal themselves in Acrobat when the pdf:s excceed 35:ish pages.

I have spent 3-4 days on this problem now, so I would appreciate all help.


if you use the scribus engine you should not get corrupted pdfs.

but you can get heavy pdfs.

lot of people have successfully generated pdfs from scribus and sent them to print shop.

i wonder if you have a broken font, and adobe can fix them before including it in the pdf...
or if you're outlining the text...

can you share a pdf that has issues for you?


a.l.e., thank you for your answer.

Some concepts you use are new to me like "scribus engine" and "outlining the text". Please explain and I will try it.

Yes, I would appreciate if you can take a look at my pdf. Send your e-mail to and I will send it to you.

All well...


How are you exporting the PDF? Are you using the Scribus choice Export->Save as PDF? (That is using the "scribus  engine.)

Or are you using a PDF printer driver? (Then it is not Scribus that creates the PDF.)


Nermander, I was using Scribus pdf-engine, but as a result of your question I tried Adobe's PDF print engine. And voila!, it works!

I still do not understand why Scribus own engine does not work, but when the problem is solved after so much effort, I do not really care.

Thanks you so much for your suggestion!



The deleopers would probably be very interested in the "corrupt" PDF, to debug the Scribus engine.