Regular expressions in Search and Replace

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When will the regular expressions be used in the Search / Replace dialog box?
Regular expressions help when editing large amounts of text.
Sorry for my english


i guess that first we need:

- being able to search across all text frames
- make the dialog non modal (no need to close it to move around)
- show the cursor on "next"
- and, if possible, work on the UI...

... then, we need regexes : - )

if somebody wants to work on it, there are patches around that need to be checked and i can help you with them...




this has been fixed today...
(ok, i knew that jean was working on it...)

i guess that the next step will be to test

and make it sure that it works correctly...

and, of course, we have an old ticket for the regexes too:

if somebody wants to do tests, but cannot compile scribus, but has a linux computer, then i can setup a branch that creates an appimage with the "search all patch".


I work in Linux, I can do testing, but I don't know how to do it. Can you give me instructions?