Bounding box of eps file

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I am converting:

RGB eps file -> CMYK pdf file

however, upon opening the eps file in Scribus, the bounding box seems to be changed - An additional margin around the bounding box is added, which also appears after the conversion to pdf.

Any suggestions of how I might avoid this behavior? I am using Scribus 1.4.0rc3.


Meho R.

I remember some LaTeX users encountering the bounding box problem too when using EPS graphics, and, if my memory serves me, one solution was that a rectangle should be created around the content of the image (set fill to "none" and line to either "none" or, if that doesn't work, "white" or another suitable color). Now bounding box shouldn't be miscalculated, but coordinates set by the rectangle as the largest object on the page will be used. Of course, you'll have to do this using some vector editor like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.


Thanks for the reply.

I tried looking at the eps file in Inkscape, and this program also shows the additional margin around the bounding box.

Looking at the eps file with gv, the bounding box is identified correctly. Why may this be the case?


I think, problem solved:

I have used xmgrace to generate the eps file, and apparently something is wrong when this gets fed into Scribus or Inkscape. Using

epstool --copy --bbox input.eps output.eps

fixed the problem.