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Build Scribus 1.5.5 - specfy to CMAKE libpoppler path

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Hi all!
I'm trying to build Scribus 1.5.5 on my Slackware stable, which is 14.2 version.
This system has an outdated version of poppler (0.45). I can't upgrade it because on that depend many other software installed.
On the other hand Scribus-1.5.5 needs a libpoppler newer than 0.58, if I well understood... Actually it fails with a CMAKE error (lipoppler not found >= 0.58)

So I successfuly tried to build a more recent version poppler (0.68) along the old one. I built it so that it is installed in an "alternative" path:

--- Code: ---/opt/poppler-new
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---# ls /opt/poppler-new/
bin/  doc/  include/  lib64/  man/  share/

# ls /opt/poppler-new/lib64/
girepository-1.0/****             pkgconfig/
--- End code ---

I also read a bit of scribus sources and I found this:

If I'm not mistaken, it contains paths where CMAKE looks for poppler libs, headers and so on...

Now the question:
Is there a way to build scribus linking it to a poppler installation located in an alternative path?
(in mi specific case /opt/poppler-new ?

i had to do some research:

you should add


to your cmake command.

and we are very gratefull to our debian / ubuntu maintainer for all the work he has done for getting poppler to work with scribus and debian!

i think it's one of the (important) dependencies that has given us the most headaches!

Thanks for reply!

Build script I'm using launches cmake as follows:

--- Code: ---export CC=clang
export CXX=clang++
cmake . \
  -DPOPPLER_DIR=/opt/poppler-new \
  -DWANT_CPP11=1 \
--- End code ---

Tried to add:

--- Code: ----DPOPPLER_DIR=/opt/poppler-new
--- End code ---

But still it can't find new libpoppler version... :(

a/ you should not install in /usr. really. but well, slackware might be a different world...
b/ you should not use the main source directory as the compile directory. you should create a build directory and do a "cmake .." instead of a "cmake .".

c/ did you run the command in a clean build directory? (if you had a build directory, the answer to this question would be more straight forward...)

sadly, if -D directive does not work, i don't really know how to get there...
you might want to ask in the cmake community (and then post here your findings as soon as you have sorted it out).

Yes /usr dir as target follows Slackware guidelines. It could be installed in something different like /usr/local, but it's just a usual line Slackware packagers follow.
Some resources:

Main source dir is deleted at the begining of the slackbuild script.
I'm using this one (slackbuilds are just bash scripts):

And there you find all few files needed by slackware pkgtools (slack-desc,, info file etc):

So, the environment should be clean, because build directory is re-created any time I launch slackbuild script.

Have you any links to cmake community to ask to?
Thanks anyway for your answer!  :)


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