Debian Repository tu use Scribus "Trunk" (1.5) sous LMDE (Mint Debian Edition) ?

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Hi there,

I was a happy user of both Ubuntu and Scribus "trunk" (1.5x), until ubuntu decided to force Unity in my throat.

I decided to move to Mint (Debian Edition 64bits), and fron this side of life, I'm happy.

But then it comes to Scribus, I'm slightly less happy : I can't find any repository that allows me to install Scribus "trunk". And this is sad, because I have a few "open" projects which include .sla Scribus files which I can't open anymore...

Does anyone how I can install Scribus *without* compiling involved ?

Thank you in advance for any answer !


Meho R.

On Ubuntu, did you install Scribus from a PPA? Couldn't you use .deb files provided by that repo with Mint too? E.g., I've found this PPA, you can try adding it to your sources list or simply download .deb files and try to install them (try natty and maverick; no 64-bit version for lucid, and precise isn't even in alpha stage yet).


As far as I know. LMDE will not support PPAs. I tried to install the packages individually, but I get some "unsatisfiable dependencies"... Too bad ! :)

Meho R.

True, but PPAs are repos like every others. So, in case those unmet deps are poppler and libpodofo, you can add PPA manually and see if it helps. Add to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb natty main
deb-src natty main

Add key and refresh repos:

apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 64B6EE15
apt-get update

Try installing scribus-ng from Synaptic.


NIfty idea... but scribus was declared by the system as "broken", and it won't install... :(

Anyway, thank you for the time you take to answer me !